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четверг, 8 ноября 2007 г.

Beshimov Bakyt "Kyrgyzstan: The last chance for freedom in Central Asia"

This presentation will be devoted to the analysis of the current situation in Kyrgyzstan after “The Tulip Revolution” in March 2005. The speaker believes that in spite of the existence of skeptical and even negative attitudes, the revolution in Kyrgyzstan plays a great role in promoting freedom and democracy in the region. A unique attempt will be made to explain the key trends in the relations between democracy, security, and energy resources in the region. Central Asia is rich in oil, natural gas, and hydropower resources. After the collapse of the USSR and on the way to independent development, Post-Soviet states achieved different results. Authoritarian and non-efficient forms of governance were established in most countries, but at the same time Kazakhstan, for example, demonstrates a praiseworthy economic development rate. What do rich energy resources mean for the future of these countries – will they be a cure or a curse?
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