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воскресенье, 27 декабря 2009 г.

Kyrgyzstan has become a rogue state

After 2005 Kyrgyzstan under Bakiev's family-clan based rule swung toward tyranny. After fraudulent elections this regime is illegitimate. It habitually violates local and international law, practices terrorism - the use of violence against civilians for political purposes. It seems that this dire regime getting gusto killing and torturing innocent journalists, human rights activists and opposition politicians.It was compromise before due to the presence of NATO airbase. OSCE, UN, many Western countries were blind to policy of murderers ruling Kyrgyzstan.They used to say that doesn't have any intentions about regime change and democracy requires more time and work. But are they going to tell that people in Kyrgyzstan and entire Central Asia live in tyranny voluntarily? The Committee to Protect Journalists said this month the 2009 tally compared to 42 deaths in 2008 and surpassed the previous record of 67 deaths in 2007.http://www.nytimes.com/reuters/2009/12/22/world/international-uk-kyrgyzstan-opposition.html?scp=6&sq=Kyrgyzstan&st=cse How many his opponents Bakiev should kill to start to stop him? Enough is enough. OSCE, Kazakhstan, UN and Western democratic countries needs to send a very strong signal both rhetorically and through its actions to Kyrgyz regime. They do have obligation to press for democratic development and try to support national democratic movements.

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