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среда, 19 января 2011 г.

The Eurasia Group Presents The 10 Greatest Risks To Global Stability In 2011

According Gregory White - The Eurasia Group has outlined their opposition to optimism, where they see the chance for political weakness that could hit global markets.
"#1 World's leaders ignore the each other and only pay attention to domestic politics.#4 Global jealousy over Chinese growth confronts a regime unwilling to budge
Look at this point: "The world will turn against China and its export led growth model, while also grappling with its military growth in Asia. But Chinese leaders will be unable to respond and instead will follow their own course."#3 Cyber attacks continue to spread from business to state.

Ian Bremmer: "A lot of Russia's geopolitical stability has occurred because it has become more secure. And some of that is economic security, you're right, but some of it is political and geopolitical stability. I mean, the relative decline in capacity of the United States and Europe has meant that Russia's Eurasia space is clearly much more dominated by Moscow, whether you're talking about Georgia, or the Kyrgyz Republic, or Ukraine, or Belarus.

I mean, the Russians have very little to worry about. They don't have to worry about NATO enlargement anymore, they don't have to worry as much about missile defense, the Americans are going to spend less with the austerity on their military, and the last thing the Europeans are trying to do is infringe on Russia right now. They have their own problems to worry about right now. So, I think Russia has reasons to feel more secure geopolitically that have nothing to do with Russia's own economic strength."

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