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четверг, 28 января 2010 г.

Hillary Clinton: Remarks at the International Conference on Afghanistan

(1)I especially thank the countries that have committed additional troops, leading with our host country, the United Kingdom, but including Italy, Germany, Romania. We also are grateful to all those who made their contributions known today. There are other countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, who are providing air space rights and other transit assistance.
(2)July of 2011 will mark a point of transition for American troops as we take stock of where we have come with our security efforts. And we expect that there will be a portion of the country that will be under Afghan control, and we will move forward to transition out our forces as they are replaced by trained and qualified Afghan forces.
(3)our military presence may continue as it does in many countries, providing training, logistics, intelligence. But our combat role will diminish and transition out.
(3)We expect that a lot of the foot soldiers on the battlefield will be leaving the Taliban because many of them have wanted to leave, many of them are tired of fighting. We believe the tide is beginning to turn against them, and we need incentives in order to both protect them and provide alternatives to them to replace the payment they received as Taliban fighters.
Comments: Excerpts from press-conference indicates about A) American strategy in Bigger Central Asia, including Afghanistan, B)Security of Central Asia in a near future, which very much depend on anti-Taliban capacity of afghan military forces and state of Taliban as a political movement.

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